Terms & Conditions

Costs for personnel consultancy

When it comes to personnel consultancy we generally charge the client (company) a percentage of the annual gross salary of the candidate found. However, in some cases it may be that a fixed amount is agreed for the consultancy charge.

With more complicated searches (e.g. where direct approach of candidates is also required), then regardless of the success of the consultancy, a fixed amount to cover costs may need to be agreed. Special agreements (fixed amounts, covering of costs etc.) will always be agreed in writing in advance.

The costs for the personnel consultancy will only be carried by the client (company). There are no costs for the candidate. All additional service costs (e.g. advice relating to personnel development, organisation development etc.) can be offered, if so desired by the client.


The agreed amount (plus the legally applicable VAT) will be invoiced on the first day of employment of the successful candidate. Special agreements (e.g. monthly payments) will always be agreed in advance in writing if applicable.


We offer our clients (company) a guarantee. The same guarantee applies for the full probation period of the successful candidate. Any special agreements will always be agreed in writing in advance. If in the agreed time, either of the two contracted parties (employer or employee) terminate the contract, then we will repeat the job search again, free of charge.

Costs for adverts

The publishing of advertisements in print, online or other media will be invoiced directly to the client (company). Advertisements will only be published once the content has been checked and authorisation been given by the client (company). Any discounts that look4U negotiates with the media companies, will be passed on in full to the client (company). The publication of advertisements on the look4U job portal is of course, free of charge.

Costs for personal profile analysis (PPA)

Depending on the requirements of the customer, we can provide a personalised offer for the personal profile analysis (PPA) and modules required.

Our approach

The individual steps of a standard personnel search are as follows:

  • First point of contact and personal introductory conversation at the clients (company)
  • Mutual definition of the profile of the candidate and development of a corresponding job description
  • Confirmation of the order to begin the search by the client
  • Search (by look4U) for potential candidates, supported by the use of adverts and other marketing tools
  • Carrying out of face-to-face meetings for information gathering with the potential candidates and the compiling of a pre-selection of candidates
  • Preparation or organisation of the application information of the potential candidates and communication to the client (company) if the potential candidates are in agreement.
  • Organisation of the interview meetings and personal presentation of the candidates (if desired)
  • Mutual candidate evaluation, cross-checking with references, organisation and carrying out of assessments, work samples or personality tests
  • Advice and support in the decision stage
  • Advice with regards to the employment contract (if desired)
  • Advice relating to the starting phase of the new employee and corresponding follow-up support (if desired)

Time plan

Once the contract has been signed we start immediately with the personnel search. Our goal is to find the right candidate for our clients, as quickly as possible. We always provide our clients with an intermediate status report as soon as possible. The time it takes to find a candidate depends on the profile being searched for, where the employee is to be located and also the general situation of the job market.