For companies

Our service for companies

We support our clients in the search and selection of external as well as internal candidates and their introduction into the new position. If required we can assist companies in the handling of all hiring formalities.

Our offer in detail:

  • The analysis of the position
  • The preparation of the requirement profile and the job description
  • The analysis of the effective staff requirement (internal or external solution?)
  • Support with internal selection processes
  • The preparation of targeted personnel marketing strategies (how do I find interesting applicants?)
  • A targeted database search and pre-selection of potential candidates
  • The creation and publishing of job advertisements
  • The formulation of applicant folders and individual candidate evaluation
  • A detailed pre-information of the candidates in relation to the open position
  • A personal introduction of the appropriate candidates
  • Advise on the decision process
  • The formulation of introduction plans and development tracking of the succesful candidates
  • The completion of behavioural profile analysis – (
  • Assistance in the completion of all new employee formalities