Company profile

What does LOOK4U do?

Search and selection of employees

LOOK4U is a South Tyrolean personnel consultancy company, specialising in searching and selecting qualified individuals for middle and top management positions.

LOOK4U works across all sectors and places the focus on the search and placement of employees in middle and top management.

As a South Tyrolean personnel consultancy company we see ourselves as the link between the German and Italian economic regions and job markets.

What does LOOK4U do?

Our vision

To improve the competitiveness of our customers

Our goal is:

To continually improve the competitiveness of our customers through professional support

We stand for:

  • service and performance
  • an unconventional, practice and success orientated work methodology
  • a performance focused remuneration

We offer:

  • a qualified service for all aspects of human resources
  • a measurable quality advantage over our competitors
  • profit responsibility

Our customers are:

  • Employers (companies)
  • Employees (applicants, jobseekers)
Our vision

Our values

LOOK4U stands for:

  • Professional, efficient and unbureaucratic
  • Openness, honesty, fairness and transparency
  • Discretion, respect, reliability and loyalty
  • Adherence to schedules, commitment and sense of responsibility
Our values

Our team

Experience, reliability, discretion

look4U stands for experience, reliability and discretion.

Many-years of experience in HR, an international network and our work ethic ensure that we are the right, qualified partner for all companies that are searching for qualified employees. More

Our team